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My day at Home: Free Printable

Hi everyone, I thought I'd post my my FREE printable for you guys here as well ❤️ This one is to help set some sort of new routine to this new normal🙃. I know that my 2 girls love checking off lists and I hope this will help you(or your little one), too! As I plan to use this for myself as well!! 🙌🏻 I know I’ll need a little extra boost to help set my routine. *I did leave an extra box at the bottom to either place your own activity(for me- work💪🏻 or maybe sit by the ☀️or for my older daughter she has picked her piano practice🎹, but feel free to write in a different thing every day or use it as the total of ✔️ you get for the day! You can also place in each box what kind of thing you will do that day, Tidy room, lounge, dust etc. Be creative 🌈 Keeping a routine in these new times where we are learning to navigate again will be so important ❤️ Sending love and stay safe ❤️🌿 #freeprintable #staysafe

Feel free to download and print

Download PDF • 532KB

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