Autumn Fairies

Autumn Fairies! 🍂

Such a beautiful way to celebrate autumn and all the glorious colours around! And of course, to use all the things you've found out on autumn walks.

We went in search of the most beautiful red and orange leaves we could find and left them to flatten under the biggest book we had at home. After that we cut out and painted the egg cartons, these will make the layers of the skirt.

Note: Egg cartons vary, and perfection is not the key here. Egg cartons can be a bit tricky to cut, so small fingers might need the help of adults.

We painted them in all the beautiful colours of autumn. And thinking of colour combinations was really fun, too!

After that we took toilet rolls and drew our fairies, making the lower part a bit narrower.(That is the part that will be squeezed into the egg carton skirt.)

Take your time and colour your fairies. Maybe they are a special colour to match their skirts? Have you given yours a name yet? Thinking of names for each one was super tricky but also made for lots of laughs!

We called ours Cinnamon, Maple Moon, Sunshine, Acorn, and Feather.

Make your own! All you need is: egg carton, paper roll, masking tape and 🖍🖌✂️✏️ and of course any and all autumn finds- 🍂🍁🍃 and don't forget the acorn hats!

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