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Carry it, an illustration I made for us ALL to remember to reach out to the ones we love and care about. Often those that need a smile, a hug, a moment together, or even just someone to be there and say, "how are you... really?" are the ones that we often don't think need it. Perhaps, they don't shout the loudest, hiding behind a smile or busy workloads or "I'm fine". So here's my gentle push and a reminder to take a pause for those you care about and make the time. We all carry our lives, in one way or another, every single one of us.

How are you doing? ❤️ x Birgitta




20cm x 20cm high quality Giclee print for easy framing.

Beautifully printed on thick 300 gsm archival paper. 

Signed by Birgitta Sif


Please note that this is a pre-order, and prints will be sent when they are ready.


Part of the proceeds will go to MIND, the mental health charity, that's fighting for mental health – for support, for respect, for you.

Carry it

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