Make reading fun for your kids!


I've created an illustrated reading poster that includes 12 reading challenges!

As you complete each challenge you get to add more colour to the poster! How fun! 


For example: When you finish reading a book that someone else picks for you, you get to colour in everything you feel should be dark red! And so on..


There are so many details in this poster! And I'm excited for you to hang it in your home as an inspiration to your young readers!


This can be used for any age! Once completed you will have a beautiful poster called "Bloom to Read"! Hang it up with pride to show your amazing reading accomplishments! Or better yet, start again!


It's been a great motivator for my girls to read more! And really fun to find new ways to be excited about books!


Download and print! 

OR like we did- we had ours printed HUGE to make it even more fun! 

You can, too! Take the A2 size poster download to your local printer/ or staples. Ask for an engineering print and it'll only cost you couple of dollars/ pounds! SO FUN!

(I've included an A4 and A2 size ready to print!)


Slow down and enjoy reading and watch your poster grow as your reading does! 

Hang it in your room as a beautiful poster!



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for personal use only

POSTER -Read to Bloom- reading challenge